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  Welcome to Twin City Ventco
  Twin City Ventco designs and manufactures light commercial centrifugal fans specifically for use by OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) in the HVAC industry.

Twin City Ventco fans include forward curved, backward inclined, airfoil blades, double (single & duplex versions) and single inlet belt-driven. Designed primarily to handle clean air and economically provide large air volumes in a compact design, these fans are ideal for commercial and light industrial applications within air handling units, air make-up units, direct fired air heaters, fresh air ventilation, and other cooling and ventilating applications. All fans can be driven from both sides and mounted in any of four standard configurations.

Twin City Ventco’s expertise in the commercial and industrial fan industry allows us to provide our customers with flexibility of design, a wide selection of fans, a centrally located manufacturing facility in South Dakota, fast shipping, a stock program, and exceptional service.
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